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Are you a VBS  volunteer or a parent working on AfterProm?  Maybe you’re a parent that is working on building the set for a school play, but don’t know where to start.  This website was built for YOU!

My name is Lindsey Ray, and I am sharing my journey through the world of low-budget set design and theme-based decorations.  I am sharing my projects and instructions with the hope that it will make your journey a little easier.  You will be amazed at what can be done with paper, styrofoam, and some paint.  I will share with you my tips and tricks for reducing costs while making high-impact pieces.  

So I invite you to jump in and explore around.  I will be adding new themes and projects frequently, so be sure to subscribe to my email list! 

Let’s start building!


What You'll Find on Rice and Walnuts...

Set pieces that make a BIG impact!

Learn how to use easy techniques and everyday materials to make theme-based decor that gives you the "WOW"-factor your looking for!

Build kits you can give to volunteers

Use these build kits to give out to volunteers that want to help but can't make the build build day. These kits range in difficulty to match your volunteers' comfort level.

Printables for the final touch

Don't waste time making printables to use in your design. Select from my library of easy to print files to add the final touch to your design!

Latest Projects

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Space Themed VBS

Our team of volunteers is busy designing and building decorations and sets for our space themed VBS coming this summer. Check out our current projects and prototypes!

Desert Southwest VBS

Check out our decorations and project kits for the VBS our chirch hosted last summer! Big red rocks, colorful cacti and a whole lot of outdoor fun!

Classroom Decor

Explore projects that add color and fun to the classroom or show appreciation to your favorite teacher by decorating their door

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