Why Rice and Walnuts?

“Rice and walnuts” is a concept handed down in our family for generations. It is a visual representation of setting priorities in life. If you fill a jar with walnuts, you can still add rice to the jar and fill in the empty space. However, if you add the same amount of rice first and then try to add the walnuts, they won’t fit.
Such is the same with life. When we focus on the walnuts of life (God, family, responsibilities, etc), the rice of life (hobbies, entertainment, etc.) fits just fine. If we focus on the rice, we miss the important stuff and our life is out of balance.
This website is my attempt to help you make a little bit of extra space in your life for more Walnut and more Rice. By sharing my project how-to’s with you, I’m hoping to make your life a little easier. You will find instructions to build sets, easy to use printables, and links to products I used to make the final product.
These projects can be used for VBS sets, After Prom decorations, School Play sets, birthday party decorations, and more! Your imagination is the limit!
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