Paper Pucker Fish Printable and How-To

The pucker fish is the second major component in the “O-FISH-ally The Best” teacher appreciation door decoration.  Use the pucker fish printable and follow the instructions to create brightly colored fish. 

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Materials Needed for this Project

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Let's Get Started!

Start by downloading the printable pucker fish template.  Print the body in one color and the fins in a contrasting color.  If you want to have red lips for your fish, you can print a second copy on red paper, or simply use one of my favorite project pantry items, carbon paper.  Place the carbon paper, dark-side down, between the two pieces of paper. trace the lips with a ballpoint pen.  

Printable Pucker Fish Template

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Add Interest to the Fins

Using the chisel tip marker, outline the fins and tail in black.  

Next, add flow and texture to the fins with lines that follow the shape of the fin.  As you are drawing the line, lift up on the pressure so that the line ends in a fine point at the end.  Do the same thing for the tail.  

Putting it All Together

Now it’s time to put it all together.  Layout the components to see what looks good to you.  I like to have the lower fin slightly shorter than the upper fin and fins almost touching the start of the tail.  If you are using red lips, decide if you want them glued on front of the body or on the back.  I prefer gluing them on the front of the fish for more drama and color.  If you are using lips that are the same color as the body, glue them onto the back of the body so that only the bulges show.  

The Final Touch

Add the final touch, a large googly eye.  You can make it easy by using these self-adhesive googly eyes from Amazon.  They come in an organized kit with a variety of sizes, so you can easily choose the right size.  

Once you add the eyes, it’s time to attach them to your background.  Using these glue dots makes it easy.  I like to have at least two together, and I overlap their fins slightly to give the illusion they are swimming in different planes.  

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