Agave Plant Take-and-Make Kit

Our goal for Monumental VBS decor is to create a lot of colorful plants that can be scattered throughout the church.  One of the plants we will be making is a simplified version of an agave plant.  The color we will use is a light aqua blue.  

Materials Needed to Assemble the Kit

Materials Provided by the Volunteer

  • X-Acto knife or box cutter
  • Glue Gun
  • Paint Brush

Difficulty Level:  Moderate

Number of people required to complete the kit:   1-2

Approximate time required:  2.5-3 hrs

Number of projects per kit (you can adjust this):   3 plants

Material Preparation for the Each Kit

The biggest prep work you will need to do for the kits is to create a template for the agave leaves.  You can do this by cutting a foam board into thirds.  Draw and score a center line down the middle of one piece. Draw a gentle curve on one side of the center line so that there is a point at the top and a wide bottom.  Once you like the curve, cut out that side only.  Fold the board along the scored center line.  Use the curved side to trace a symmetrical curve on the other side.  Now you have a template to make other templates from.  Make as many templates as you need kits. 

You can use acrylic craft paint, but you might find that latex paint gives better coverage.  If you are using latex paint, you might find it helpful to pour paint into the sample containers.   Place the plastic wrap around the closed jar and an extra guard against leaks.  

Download the instructions for each kit.  Use a PDF reader/writer program to customize the due date and quantities.  

Assemble the Kits

Material List for Each Kit

  • Instruction Sheet
  • 5 foam boards (for 3 plants)
  • Small container of paint
  • 10-15 glue sticks

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