Riveted Space Station Wall Panel

We plan to turn one of the hallways that the kids walk through in our VBS rotation into a space station.  The walls of the hallway will have 6-8 control panels with gauges, screens and knobs/buttons.  Around and between those control panels we will hang these silver riveted wall panels.  We decided that having a variety of rectangle sizes would be more interesting than regular 22″x28″ panels.  For this kit, we are asking our volunteers to cut the panels and measure/draw rivets onto each panel.  

Materials Needed to Assemble the Kit

Materials Provided by the Volunteer

  • Scissors
  • Yard stick/Quilting Ruler or something similar

Difficulty Level:  Easy

Number of people required to complete the kit:   1

Approximate time required:  2.5-3 hrs

Number of projects per kit (you can adjust this): 1 set of 6 poster boards will create a set of 12 panels

Material Preparation for the Each Kit

The preparation for this kit is fairly straightforward.  You simply need to gather the materials and the instructions.  You may need to cut the sheets of black stickers into the appropriate amount to make sure you have enough for all of your kits.  

Download the instructions for each kit.  Use a PDF reader/writer program to customize the due date and quantities.  

Assemble the Kits

Material List for Each kit

  • Instruction Sheet
  • 6 poster boards
  • 2 black permanent markers
  • 48 black round stickers (at least)

We found it helpful to use binder clips on each corner of the stack of poster boards to hold everything together.  The metallic surface makes them slippery and hard to hold.  We placed the stickers and markers into a paper bag.  The bag of supplies and the instructions were clipped to one of the corners.  

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